The Hvnters Varsity Jacket (reflective)

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Previously only for friends&family, the special edition Hvnters reflective varsity jacket is now available to the global Hvnters tribe!

This jacket is perfect for layering over a sweater or a hoodie. Although it is thin and lightweight, it has good wind blocking properties.

The reflective logo is meant to shine brightly when light is cast upon it which increases the wearer’s safety and visibility by cars while wearing it at night.

The Jacket features the full The Hvnters logo on the back, with the katakana (Japanese alphabet) version of the logo on the front.

For reference, I (Albo) am 5’9 185 lbs and I prefer to wear an M or L. In the pictures, I am wearing an M. If you’re over 6ft tall, I recommend an XL.

Due to ongoing challenges with production and delivery during the pandemic, please allow around 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Please note that this item with this design is a limited edition and once it is sold out and/or taken off the storefront, will no longer be available.